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As a faithful supporter of science, you might be interested in a unique science event that is free and requires only a working television in your abode. On Wednesday, March 24 at 7:00 ‒ 8:00 PM Pacific, Washington State University is hosting an hour-long event, “Three Minute Thesis”, that will be shown on Northwest Public Broadcasting (KWSU channel 10). Twenty students seeking a doctoral degree in science or education describe their research in three minutes or less to a lay-person audience.

 Just imagine how challenging and creative it must be to squeeze thousands of words, dozens of images, and various technical concepts into 180 seconds. The one who best succeeds wins a $3,000 travel award.  Here are some topics.

 • Pathways for preventing tick-borne diseases.

• Dairy manure compost pellets for controlling environmental pollution.

• Mutually beneficial interactions between fungi and bacteria in soil surrounding plant roots.

• Soil microbes that safely reduce the loss of nitrogen from agricultural fertilizer applications.

• Nursing curriculum that decreases faculty and student stress for work-ready nurse graduates.

• Curbing out-of-control inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis.