Responsible Growth * NE Washington is a WA 501 (c)(3) non-profit and is in continual need of financial help to help protect our environment, wildlife, and health from large, urban industrial facilities that are persistent in wanting to site their facilities in Pend Oreille County. Our clean environment, clean air and water and our health and the health of our children and grandchildren are at risk from  purposed, urbanized, industrial facilities. We are rural, not urban.

We saw this and fought it when a Canadian company wanted to site its $350 million silicon metal smelter less than a mile from downtown Newport. Had it gone through this proposed smelter would have spewed forth more than 700,000+ tons of greenhouse gases a year, 760 tons Sulfur Dioxide, 700 tons Nitrogen Oxides, 601 tons Carbon Monoxide, and 111 tons Particulate Matter; plus, Lead, Fluorides, Hydrogen Sulfide, Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons, and other toxins.

We are now facing a second urbanized, industrial facility that poses a severe threat to our environment, wildlife, and health – Merkle Standard’s Cryptomining Currency Facility located out of Usk, Washington in the former Ponderay Papermill facility. Merkle Standard, with its 30,000 machines and cooling fans, is working to acquire 600 megawatts of hydroelectric power when in full operation. That is more power than a nation the size of Denmark uses. There is also a serious concern involving noise pollution 24/7; disposal of massive and hazardous electronic waste, cooling fluid disposal, waste water disposal, and more.

RG * NEW will continue to be in the forefront educating, questioning, and fighting these facilities that will without a doubt compromise our rural way of life, our environment, wildlife, air, water, soils, and the health of the people right now and in the future.

 Your financial help is needed and is appreciated. If you are unable to help financially let RG * NEW know how you can help and you will be contacted. Thank you.

PO BOX 960