Project Description

Responsible & Smart Economic Growth

Responsible Growth * NE Washington supports smart economic growth that enhances and protects our natural environment, our clean air and water, and our rural lifestyle.

  • We support non-polluting, low-density economic growth & development that provides families with a living wage job and benefits.
  • We support our small local businesses and encourage more family-owned type business to line the streets in our communities.
  • We encourage the wise fiscal use of existing funds to improve and maintain the existing infrastructure, take care of all assets and investments, and protect those places that our communities value.

RG * NEW, also, supports creating a county that is alive and vibrant with responsible & smart economic growth, charming and inviting communities that people want to come to and live in, and especially communities that young folks don’t want to leave.


When we all work together our voices will be heard as one. We can and will make a difference. Now is your time to get involved and let your voice be heard with ours.