Project Description

 People Have the Right to Decide.

Responsible Growth * NE Washington has a responsibility to focus on who is making the decisions that lead to irresponsible economic growth – growth that puts our environment, communities, families and health at risk.

  • RG * NEW understands that the “regulatory system is set up to create a barrier between local residents and corporate entities. This barrier isn’t some kind of malfunction; it’s built into a system that favors corporation rights over the rights of the people.”
  • RG * NEW recognizes that going up “against established law is a huge and often times frightening challenge, but throughout American history, people have had to challenge settled laws that violate community and human rights.”

Our campaign is always about protecting our environment, community and families, but “it is really deeper than that.” It is about who has the right to decide what our community looks like and securing environmental justice for every community and citizen.


When we all work together our voices will be heard as one. We can and will make a difference. Now is your time to get involved and let your voice be heard with ours.