Responsible Growth * NE Washington and Citizens Against Newport Silicon Smelter submitted amendments to the Pend Oreille County Comprehensive Plan. A set of amendments that  support the basic principles of the Plan to keep our environment rural and the citizen free from  air, water and land pollution.

It was apparent that the Pend Oreille County Planning Commission does not support protecting our rural environment and health. This evening at the Planning Commission meeting our amendments did not move forward on the docket for further discussion.

Three other amendment packets were moved forward. One included the County’s amendment to the Land Use Map. This amendment changes all designated Public Land to another designation.  Designation that would include industrial development. The Planning Commission chair said the County’s amendment was “flawed,” but that did not stop them from moving it forward.

The biggest disappointed in the Commission’s decision was not only that it didn’t move our amendments forward, but that it gave no reason. The motion was put forth, but received no second. It was again discussed and put forth in a motion, but once again, no second.

Our Resolution 08-08-2018, RESOLUTION NO. 08-08-2018 final received little attention from the commission members. The last two paragraphs were read only.

The Public was allowed to speak on behalf of the amendments.  They were cautioned not to use the word “smelter” or they would be told to sit down. Constitutional rights are not at work in the Pend Oreille Planning Commission meetings.flag ceremony

The role of the Planning Commission is to hear and act on land use issue from citizens and present them to the County Commissioners. It is hard for the County Commissioners to hear from the public when the Planning Commission shuts off the source.