Responsible Growth * NE Washington was going to wait until the Miner came out with this press release, as we’ve been hanging on to it, but it is already being circulated all over social media, so we are jumping in.

Do we have some concerns? Yes we do. For starters – what better way to seek additional PUD power and garner public support for the cryptomining facility than to throw out there the opening of the papermill? Is this a legal move? Does the present CUP or the Comp Plan cover its reopening? After three years can it be called a reopening?  We are already asking these questions.

Here are our concerns  – additional 70 mgw of power being requested. Now noise from two sources – papermill and cryptomining. Water being drained from the Pend Oreille River and waste water being released back in from two sources.  New construction. The old tarmac used for loading and unloading wood chips was dug up and is gone. Taking its place are cryptoming units, machines, coolers, and etc. It will take a pretty extensive road and pavement construction with a new impervious surface to accommodate chip trucks and other traffic.

Two issues that we were made aware of this morning, which we have not followed up on, are the companies that provide chips have not been contacted, nor has PUD. In addition, we were told that the Cryptomining is going to gear up at night due to the cheaper night rates. Busy beavers over there.

Ponderay Industries Press Release Mill Restart_Final 29 Aug 2022