The Kalispel Tribe of Indians continues to lead the way in managing and protecting our forests and waterways. Starting on November  7, 2018, the tribe, who is partnering with the U.S. Forest Service and the WA Department of Natural Resources will hold the first of several public meetings. The meeting are to encourage public participation in the project and garner ideas for making our forest and waterways healthy and great again

“This meeting will present the concept, discuss the relationship and roles of partners, and describe how you can become involved in developing and refining the project. Additional meetings will be scheduled throughout the winter. For more information on meeting dates, please follow our website at:”

The Restoration Project will include 90,000+ acred north of Newport. The potential is to create  healthy forests and waterways, plus create work opportunities for local folks. What a wonderful opportunity and project for our area. We need to build up and take care of our natural treasures, not destroy them.