RG * NEW Silent Auction Item Catalog

Silent Auction Item Catalog Silent Auction flyer Dec RG * NEW will be hosting a Silent Auction Fundraiser December 09th from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm. at CREATE Arts Center.  There are other items to be included in our silent auction catalog, which include 1 core of fir firewood, cut, split and delivered within 15

GM Hearing Board makes final decision on RG * NEW appeal

2023-10-16 Final Decision and Order On October 16, 2023, our legal team of Bricklin & Newman, LLP and RG * NEW received a final decision and order from the GM Hearing Board. In summary, our appeal with the County's updated Comprehensive Plan, Development Regulations was denied. You can read the 69 page  decision by following

RG * NEW’s & POC’s Post Hearing Briefs for the GM Hearing Board

On July 26, 2023, RG * NEW submitted its Prehearing Brief to the Growth Management Hearing Board. Today, August 9, 2023, Pend Oreille County submitted its Prehearing Brief rebuttal to the GM Hearing Board. Both of the briefs are available to read  at these links. The GM Hearing will be heard in person in Newport,

Hearing Examiner rules in favor of the County

Responsible Growth * NE Washington is disappointed but not surprised that the Pend Oreille County's Hearing Examiner ruled in favor of Pend Oreille County. It would be counter productive for the Hearing Examiner to rule in RG * NEW's favor on the revised DNS/SEPA when he already ruled that the Usk Cryptomining Facility would not

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