Hearing Examiner rules in favor of the County

Responsible Growth * NE Washington is disappointed but not surprised that the Pend Oreille County's Hearing Examiner ruled in favor of Pend Oreille County. It would be counter productive for the Hearing Examiner to rule in RG * NEW's favor on the revised DNS/SEPA when he already ruled that the Usk Cryptomining Facility would not

BPA approved power to open papermill a year ago. Too costly was the Allrise reply.

By Thomas Clouse tomc@spokesman.com(509) 459-5495 The owners of a cryptocurrency operation announced Tuesday a plan to rehire as many as 150 workers to restart operations this fall at the Ponderay Newsprint mill in Usk. But the announcement isn’t worth the paper the mill isn’t printing, according to a power official. Todd Behrend, who formerly worked at Ponderay

Wildfire, Wildlife Risks Increase Following Exodus to Rural Areas

Excellent Spokesman Review article in this mornings, August 30, 2022 edition. The issues covered are the same concerns and issues Responsible Growth * NE Washington has been trying to get covered in the 2020 update Comp Plans, Development Regulations and Critical Area Codes. We are going to continue to cover them in our 2nd DNS/SEPA

Ponderay Industries to restart papermill press release

Responsible Growth * NE Washington was going to wait until the Miner came out with this press release, as we've been hanging on to it, but it is already being circulated all over social media, so we are jumping in. Do we have some concerns? Yes we do. For starters - what better way to

RG * NEW has many reasons to appeal 2022 DNS/SEPA (article)

RG * NEW submitted an article to the Newport Miner on our reasons for appealing the revised 2022 DNS/SEPA that pertains to the draft Comprehensive Plans, Development Regulations, and the Critical Area Codes. The below link will take you to the article. Responsible Growth opinion piece August 10th

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